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  1. Free in-home estate consultation to determine your estates needs.
  2. Evaluate estate for most secure/safe layout which prevents theft and keeps shoppers and your belongings safe.
  3. We empty cabinets, drawers, cubby holes, attics, basements, etc. to ensure all items to be sold are professionally organized and displayed.
  4. Research and determine fair market value when pricing items and we bring in our appraiser when necessary (we cover this expense).
  5. Staff each sale with adequate number of employees to conduct the sale in a professional manner. 
  6. Build a personalized webpage, use professional signage, and place paper ads as necessary for each sale that gives the sale access to over 15,000 buyers, collectors, and dealers.  Our marketing of each sale ensures our primary objectives are obtained, which is to sell every available item and generate as much revenue as possible for the estate.
  7. Provide free marketing for individuals and realtors trying to sell the home. By having the estate sale we generate extensive foot traffic and possible offers for the home during the sale.
  8. Upon completion of the sale we ensure all unsold items are either donated or sold via buyout to a wholesaler per clients wishes.   Items of significant value can be taken to auction or placed on consignment (ask about these services). 
  9. Assist in arranging a trash haul if necessary.
  10. Provide an itemized sale breakdown and send cashiers check within 3 days from the completion of the sale.

   Services Offered

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